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City of Refuge Ministries is a family church, with Godly vision. We believe in leading people to Jesus, loving like Jesus, living by purpose, and also reaching our community. It is our desire to make the Gospel of Jesus Christ accessible to those both near and far. Because we understand that physical church attendance is not always possible, we are now offering the opportunity to individuals to become virtual members! Virtual membership is a creative and inviting way for City of Refuge ministries to extend our reach to the world, and invite more people to join God’s family.

Through virtual membership, our desire is that each member would feel the comfort, community, and power of the Holy Spirit as if they were physically attending our church building throughout the week. Your virtual online connection will provide you with , a powerful praise & worship experience every Sunday morning at 10am (cst), online or in -person teachings every Tuesday at 6:30pm (cst), and also access to our special online teaching and preaching.

The City Experience desires that all hindrances to the Gospel be eliminated, so that each member can experience the powerful love and redemption of Jesus Christ. We would love for you to join our City of Refuge family. Get connected with the CORM family, now!

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