City of Refuge Ministries Foundations: Part 1

Welcome to CORM Foundations: Part 1. This course has been created to help develop our level of understanding as it relates to Biblical principles and disciplines.
During this course we will discuss the following topics each week:

1. Who is Jesus?/What is Salvation?/What is the Gospel?
2. Following Jesus/How to Be a Disciple
3. Baptism of the Holy Spirit vs. Filling of the Holy Spirit
4. Becoming and Building an Effective Community
5. Prayer & Fasting
6. Biblical Studies
7. Identifying & Using My Gifts 

After completing Foundations: Part 1, pariticpants will then be led through Foundations: Part 2 (content and curriculum coming soon!) The primary goal of this course  is that each individual  would develop and strengthen your foundational understanding of Christ and His Word.

 If you have any additional questions or concerns,  please email Anna Ruffin at