CORM Mentoring Program

We are excited to continue the CORM Mentoring Program in 2023. If you have a desire to share your journey and experience in constructive ways to help others, we need you as a mentor in this program. If you are looking for support or guidance a mentoring relationship will help you along your journey.

Enrollment is open between January 1 – February 1, 2023

Mission: Development through relationships
Outcome: Personal and spiritual growth so you can be all God designed you to be
Commitment: Cultivating relationships and opportunities that foster learning and growth.

  • Mentors: We are currently soliciting mentors for our program.
  • Mentees: We are currently enrolling mentees into this program.
  • CORE Team: We are looking to add individuals to the CORE planning team for the Mentoring Program.

•One on One Mentoring Relationship – mentor and mentee roles focused on mentee’s development
•Group Mentoring – shared focus on professional development, entrepreneurship, and employability
•Empowerment Sessions – quarterly, open to all

Want more information about the program? Join our informational session January 28, 2023 where we will discuss:
oWhat is mentoring?
oWhy do it?
oHow do it?
oRoles and expectations

Mentoring Sign-up Form

Empowering Your Vision
Entrepreneurship Questionnaire